Preserving a Fine Tradition

A small group of Australian woolgrowers created Ausfine because we wanted to protect what many of our families have spent more than a hundred and fifty years perfecting: superfine merino wool.

To preserve the integrity of the merino fibre and the merino breed, we developed a charter to which all our member farms must adhere.

The charter ensures the merino produced on our farms isn’t just fine in diameter but possesses the qualities that have been valued by designers and consumers the world over for more than a century.

We developed a genetic breeding program to ensure that our rams and ewes have the range of characteristics necessary to survive the extremes of the Australian climate, and produce the best merino in the world.

We also insist that our members practise sustainable farming because we want to protect not just merino, but the land we love.

Very few farms are able to satisfy our charter. In fact, less than two hundred farmers have been certified to stamp their bales with the Ausfine brand.

But, it’s our stringent quality control that makes Ausfine so precious.