The World's Finery Deserves the World's Finest

Jason’s closest modern-day equivalent is Loro Piana.

Each year, the Italian luxury goods manufacturer conducts an international competition to find the world’s finest wool so they can create exclusive collections for the world’s most discerning clients.

Called the Alba d’Oro, in four out of the last seven years the award has gone to merino grown on Ausfine farms, and the micron count of the most recent winning bale was 11.9.

Ausfine is the world’s finest merino.

If you need the highest quality worsted fabric to make suits for sophisticated men and women, there is no better fibre in the world than Ausfine merino.

While our merino is the finest in the world for top-drawer suits, there is so much more you can now do with Ausfine.

With modern technological advances and the extraordinary fineness of our merino, Ausfine is being knitted by some of the world’s leading designers into superlight next-to-skin fashions that are truly trans-seasonal.

If you need the world’s finest wool to satisfy the most sophisticated of clients, there can be only one choice.

You need Ausfine. When it comes to merino, there’s nothing finer.