Nothing Finer

Merino is a remarkable fibre, much softer than other wools, and possessing natural warmth, breathability and elasticity.

However, a lot of modern merino, while having a fine micron count, has lost this elasticity.

The reason is that many woolgrowers, in breeding for a longer fibre, have lost crimp. And, by losing crimp, their merino no longer has its remarkable elasticity.

As a consequence, textile factories have had difficulty milling this merino, tailors have had trouble shaping it, and consumers have noticed that it doesn’t have the wear qualities they expect of merino.

Ausfine merino is different.

While it has the fine micron count of modern merino, it retains all the traditional merino characteristics, like crimp, that make merino such
a special fibre to work with, and such a glorious fabric to wear.

If you want the softness of superfine merino with the renowned merino values of elasticity and drape, only one merino will do.
And that merino is Ausfine.