Sustained Perfection

In the past, people have generally only been concerned with the more superficial qualities of their clothes. How they looked, and how they felt.
But increasingly, particularly in North America, consumers are concerned about the environmental credentials of their clothes.

Here, again, Ausfine has a great story to tell.

To begin with, merino is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, and needs a fraction of the water required to produce cotton.

But, Ausfine merino is particularly kind to the environment.

We love our land. Many of us are working farms that have been in the family for a hundred and fifty years. And, we’re keen to still be growing the world’s finest merino in another hundred and fifty years.

That’s why, to be an Ausfine farm, it’s not enough that you grow high quality merino. You must also farm sustainably as well.

You must limit your use of harsh chemicals, reduce your use of water, and manage the vegetation on your farm to help resuscitate the soil.

All this takes time, time that many growers aren’t prepared to take.

But, Ausfine farmers aren’t in any hurry. After all, we’re not planning on going anywhere.

We live in the best place on the earth, growing the finest merino in all creation.